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Driver Management
Route Optimization
Empowering Consignee Support
Auto Dispatch
Returns Management
AI Driven Verification
Real-Time Delivery Tracking
Custom Integrations

Precise Deliveries

Precise DeliveriesPrecise Deliveries MapPrecise Deliveries Adress
Secure dropoffs

Order Verification

We match shipping addresses with official Canadian addresses to confirm accuracy.

Address Cleansing

Our algorithms handle minor address issues, while analysts individually address the rest.


Accurate internal geocoding repository for Canadian addresses.

Customer Support

Consistent Auditing

Our team of analysts and dispatchers are always monitoring deliveries for potential improvement.

Real-time Tracking

Orders are tracked in real time made visible through the Koorier App.

The Koorier App Makes it Easy

AI-powered features help our drivers stay on track, prevent mis-deliveries, and make future deliveries even better.

AI LearningsNotigication / Analytics

KApp mobile for the road

KAPP Mobile

Precise Service

We collect OCR and location data to confirm and verify the accuracy of delivery and pickup locations.

Proof of Delivery

Customize order fulfillment policies and procedures for business needs, including configurable Proof of Delivery (POD) requirements.

RIng Ring

AI-Powered Technology

We proactively locate and correct errors with a suite of data cleansing tools.

Customer Support

Dispatch Support

Timely on-road support for our Fleet.

Safe Delivery Protocols

Our safe-drop and OTP protocols ensure packages will be protected, including options such as photo identification to confirm the successful delivery and pickup.

Fortify your data

Built-in features help you mitigate data security risks at every step.

SOC II Compliant

We’re fully compliant with SOC II Security and Privacy trust criteria to ensure your data is protected at all times.


Leverage the power of AWS security — among the most secure in the world.

Customer Data Protection

Your data will be used to perform deliveries and pickups – nothing more, nothing less.


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