Terms and Conditions

Koorier Logistics Inc. Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to the Koorier family. As a company built on the values of respect, integrity, and global citizenship, our mission extends beyond providing exceptional logistic solutions—it's about nurturing a community where transparency leads and collective responsibility thrives. Here we outline the Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms") for the Koorier Logistics Inc. website. By interacting with our digital ecosystem, you are agreeing to engage with us under these Terms. We encourage you to engage mindfully and review these guidelines carefully.

Acceptance of Terms

Embarking on a journey with Koorier’s digital presence means that you have dedicated time to understanding these Terms and have agreed to be bound by them in their entirety. Should there be any element within these Terms that does not align with your values or expectations, please refrain from using our website.

Use of the Koorier Website

Account Registration and Confidentiality

(a) Account Creation: To access exclusive features, you may be invited to create an account. This process is a part of building our trusted network, and we rely on you to protect the integrity of your personal information. Keep your account details private, and embrace the responsibility for any actions under your account.

Prohibited Use

(b) Responsibility in Action: As innovative leaders, we set high standards for our community interactions. The Koorier website is a platform for positivity and progress, and any use of it for illegal, unauthorized, or unethical purposes is strictly prohibited. This includes the distribution of offensive content that may be considered defamatory, discriminatory, or infringing on intellectual property rights. Elevate your interactions and foster an environment of constructive collaboration.

Intellectual Property: Honoring Creation and Innovation

Content Ownership

(a) Respect for Creative Assets: All materials, including text, visuals, and software, displayed on the website are either the property of Koorier or rightfully licensed to us, safeguarded by intellectual property laws. You’re invited to engage with this content in a way that honors the craft and effort involved. Refraining from reproduction, modification, or distribution of our intellectual assets without prior consent upholds the spirit of respect and integrity central to the Koorier ethos.


(b) Trademark Use: Our name, look, and logo constitute the visual identity of Koorier—a symbol of trust and reliability in the logistical frontier. Utilizing these trademarks requires explicit, written consent from Koorier, ensuring that our collective identity is presented in contexts that reflect our core values.

Third-Party Links: Extending Our Community Reach

At Koorier, we recognize the interconnectivity of the digital landscape and sometimes provide links to third-party websites for your convenience. Our offering of these links comes without endorsement, and thus we must assert our limitation in taking responsibility for content outside our domain. We encourage you to exercise discernment and align your use of third-party content with your commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Disclaimer of Warranties: Understanding the Landscape

(a) Nature of Online Platforms: Our digital space, like any other, comes with inherent unpredictability. While we strive for accuracy and timeliness, we operate under an "as-is" policy, without warranties. This means that there is an element of risk—that potential errors or disruptions can occur with or without notice.

(b) Limitations of Guarantees: We put forth every effort to create a seamless and secure user experience, but we can’t promise an uninterrupted journey free from technical quirks or unwelcome interference. We ask for your patience and understanding as you navigate our website, acknowledging the limitations within the digital realm.

Limitation of Liability: Sharing Responsibility

We aim to be a pillar of support for our community, but our responsibility has its boundaries. Liability for any indirect or consequential outcomes related to your navigation of our website can’t fall within our scope. We trust in your ability to use our platform with a sense of personal responsibility, recognizing the nature of online interactions.

Indemnification: The Value of Mutual Support

As part of the agreement in engaging with the Koorier platform, you agree to stand with us and offer protection against claims or damages that may arise from your use of the website or from any breach of these Terms. In invoking this mutual protection, we strengthen our community fabric, fostering a space where support flows in both directions.

Modifications: Keeping Up With Change

Innovation is our default; hence, our Terms may evolve overtime. We reserve the right to adapt these Terms and will make updates available for your review. Continued use of our website after such updates signifies your agreement to the revised Terms, reflecting a shared commitment to growth and adaptation.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Grounding Ourselves in Governance

These Terms are swayed by the laws of Canada, establishing a clear foundation for our digital presence. Should disputes arise, they will be handled within the Canadian legal framework—a commitment to fairness and due process.

Severability: Respecting the Whole and Its Parts

In the instance a portion of these Terms is found to be unenforceable, all remaining sections continue in full force. Our commitment to integrity means upholding the intent of our Terms, ensuring that our fundamental values remain intact even when individual clauses do not.

As part of the conscious community we serve and the DTC eCommerce brands that are our partners in innovation, we thank you for accepting these Terms and Conditions. Engage with us, and together, let's redefine the logistics landscape—one responsible delivery at a time.